No, we’re not a wine company, but yes, we fucking love Rosé.

We are a trio of qualified nutritionists (RD’s and RNutr) living in London who share a passion for being real and upfront about what we face as women today.

We realised that some of the best conversations happen with a glass of wine in hand. There are some things we might not want to be the first person to talk about. With a bit of dutch courage, we’re breaking down the awkwardness and cutting straight to the chase.

We created Today with Rosé to share our thoughts on hot nutrition topics (we are qualified in this field), reviews of our favourite rosé wines (we are not qualified in this field), drool worthy recipes, beauty tips, the joys of having a vagina and many more juicy topics.

We serve this up unapologetically, usually accompanied by a hefty splash of pale pink goodness.

You can read more about each of us by clicking on our mug shots.

Cheers bitches!